Geodata provides professional web design and development services including web site promotional services and corporate identity design services for its customers.
We understand our client’s needs. That is why we pay attention to all the development aspects. Our well-educated web professionals have a strong desire to maintain a high level of quality.
Databases, Intranet, and Backend:
We employ experts who provide excellent PHP, MYSQL, CGI, JavaScript, (and other programming languages), Database, Intranet and backend services.
Professional web design services:
Our web designers can create stylish, cutting-edge web graphics for your website that provide a good-looking, pleasing and easy to remember introduction for your customers.
Professional web development services:
Our company's web programming department provides custom web development services of any level of difficulty. Whether you need a contact form for your website or a complicated on-line system, we can help.
Search engine optimization services:
The most effective way to make your web site a good selling tool is to optimize it for a better search engine placement as search engines are the main source of getting new customers. We provide search engine optimization and search engine submission services.
Web site maintenance services:
We provide comprehensive, accurate, and quick web site maintenance services.
A well-maintained and updated web site is essential to attract customers. If your web site contains out-dated information or links that do not work, customers are unlikely to inquire about your products or services.
Multimedia Development:
We provide several multimedia development options to help promote your business including computer based training (CBT), digital business cards and multimedia presentations via the web or CD-ROM. We are the authors of Connect™, the leading edge technology for distributing web content and multimedia on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM.
Logo design and corporate identity design:
Any company should have unique identity items. Your logo, business card and other corporate ID items such as corporate folders, letterheads, and envelopes should be well-recognized by the web audience so your customers will remember you and return again and again.
Data Publication Tools:
Data Publication Tools will bring the interpretation and emphasis to your data and deliver the message to your audience.
Geodata Publishers, can help you promote the real value of your data, by providing your audience with electronic publications that are organized in a logical manner highlighting the meaning that you wish to emphasize. Tabular data, charts, and graphs associated with the data are linked to the technical reports in order to provide the user with comprehension of the data with little effort.
We work with our clients to determine how best to present the data, and then implement the design to produce a customized data CD to deliver your data.
Distance learning:

Distance learning has a variety of meanings but is characterized by the separation of teacher and learner in space and/or time. The distance-learning trend at public institutions of higher education in the US is increasing about 10% yearly with approximately 70% of all institutions offering distance learning.
We have developed new innovative methods to publish and interpret data for our clients. Often, our clients require rapid critical decisions based on defendable data. . Our clients can make these decisions based on the methods and techniques we provide to them.
Delivering Distance Learning Content
A wide range of technological options are available to the distance educator:

  • print
  • video cassette
  • Internet (Internet or web-based courses)
  • CD/DVD

All of these methods have advantages/disadvantages.
Geodata Publishers has developed an innovative technology that leverages the advantages of these disparate forms of distance learning to create content-rich material that is updated and controlled via the internet. The content of the course or instruction is produced on a CD and can contain high-resolution video and images, audio and other material that is not possible or problematic to transmit via the internet. The instructor manages the presentation and control of the content by using Geodata Publisher’s proprietary software.
Using this integrated approach, the educator can remain focused on instructional outcomes instead of the technology of delivery, and is not limited in the material that can be presented.
Geodata Publishers can produce instructional content or provide the technology to present established courses.

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