CPSC 672: Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)

Christopher R. King
Contact Information:

phone: (979)219-3430
email: chrisking@geodatapub.com

My basic interest in CSCW is to understand a number of user behavior patterns I have encountered while building such systems on the job over the past 15 years. I have had a number of successes, but the failures frustrate me since it is due to user issues that do not seem rational from a technology position. Additionally, I am developing a computer management system as a contract developer to manage the delivery of over 3000 meals a day for Houston residents as part of the city's Meals on Wheels program, and hope that what I learn from the class will help me do a good job on that project.

Collaborative Software
With exception to email, the only collaborative software system I use regularly is a project management system that I developed. It has been in service for over four years and is used to maintain information about what is currently going on with projects and jobs, as well as to provide chronicled documentation of past work. It does not schedule anything, but does include a calendar since that view of data is one that is familiar with many users, the calendar is publicly viewable by all users of the system. It sends out email notifications to people that are listed as associated with jobs and projects when a status report is generated on a job within a project. It has been successful in some instances and has failed in others.